We feel duty to increase social value of our company based on correct motivation.
We pursue sustainable, safe, and healthy life with surrounding environment as our mission.
Mission statement
We contribute industrial improvement and society
via integration and analyses of diverse information
of biological resources.
Vision statement
To provide new paradigm of information process through
integration of diverse data
Core value
1. Endless efforts for customers
We are making an endless effort to promote company’s
value by company’s sustainable growth.
2. Correct thinking
We will keep correct thinking all the time because we believe that correct thinking
and actions yield correct result. Our duty is correct thinking and action for company’s profile.
3. Sharing with others
We aims for contributing to society by sharing and distributing our core values
with others. We will conduct sharing them with a humble heart.
Company culture, InfoBoss.
manner with free atmosphere
based on attitude
of respect of others
Free use of
One month special vacation for 3-year continuous service
continuous and regular
discussions for finding
new business areas
Supports books from diverse
areas for self development
and discussions and
for education programs
in related fields
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