The complete chloroplast genome of Chenopodium ficifolium Sm. (Amaranthaceae)

Mitochondrial DNA Part B, Resources
Yongsung Kim, Youngjae Chung*, Jongsun Park*
Chenopodium ficifolium Sm. is an invasive weedy species, one of the main targets for weed control in Korea. In this study, we presented the first complete chloroplast genome of C. ficifolium which is 151,823 bp long and has four subregions: 83,668 bp of large single copy (LSC) and 17,937 bp of small single copy (SSC) regions are separated by 25,109 bp of inverted repeat (IR) regions including 129 genes (84 protein-coding genes, eight rRNAs, and 37 tRNAs). The overall GC content of the chloroplast genome is 37.3\% and those in the LSC, SSC, and IR regions are 35.3\%, 31.0\%, and 42.7\%, respectively. Phylogenetic tree shows that C. ficifolium is clustered with C. album forming a monophyletic clade with other Chenopodium species.

Genbank accessions

Genbank accessions
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1 MK182725 Chenopodium ficifolium chloroplast genome Go to NCBI
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