The complete mitochondrial genome of Micromus angulatus (Stephens, 1836) (Neuroptera:Hemerobiidae)

Mitochondrial DNA Part B, Resources
Jongsun Park, Jonghyun Park, Jeong-Hwan Kim, Jum Rae Cho, Yongsung Kim, Bo Yoon Seo*
Micromus angulatus (Stephens, 1836) belonging to Microminae of Hemerobiidae was newly recorded in South Korea in 2010. We report the complete mitochondrial genome in the subfamily Microminae. The circular mitogenome of M. angulatus is 16,153 bp including 13 protein-coding genes, two ribosomal RNA genes, 22 transfer RNAs, and a single large non-coding region of 1,488 bp. The base composition was AT-biased (89.5\%). Gene order of M. angulatus is identical to Neuronema laminatum (Drepanepteryginae). Phylogenetic trees present that the two Micromus mitochondrial genomes of Microminae are distinct to the two mitochondrial genomes of Drepanepteryginae of Hemerobiidae and other families of Neuroptera.

Genbank accessions

Genbank accessions
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1 MK472073 Micromus angulatus mitochondrial genome Go to NCBI
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