The second complete chloroplast genome of Dysphania pumilio (R.BR.) Mosyakin & Clemants (Amranthaceae): Intraspecies variation of invasive weeds

Mitochondrial DNA Part B, Resources
Jongsun Park*, Yongsung Kim
We completed chloroplast genome of Dysphania pumilio (R.Br.) Mosyakin & Clemants isolated in Anyang city in Korea. Its length is 151,960 bp consisting four subregions: 83,756 bp of large single copy (LSC) and 17,742 bp of small single copy (SSC) regions are separated by 25,231 bp of inverted repeat (IR) region. 128 genes (84 protein-coding genes, eight rRNAs, and 36 tRNAs) were annotated. The overall GC content is 36.9\% and those in LSC, SSC, and IR regions are 34.8\%, 30.4\%, and 42.7\%, respectively. 25 single nucleotide polymorphisms and two insertions and deletions suggest multiple invasive origins in Korea.

Genbank accessions

Genbank accessions
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1 MK541016 Dysphania pumilio chloroplast genome Go to NCBI
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