Comparative Genomics Pipeline

Comparative Genomic Pipelines (CGP) is providing integrated environment
of various analysis pipelines for comparative genomic analysis
Comparative Genomics Pipeline
  • Pipelines for massive comparative genomic analyses It provides efficient ways to compare hundreds and even thousands genomes for supporting diverse
    comparative genomic analyses.
  • Automated pipelines Automated pipelines support distribution system and job management system for reducing technical errors
    and analysis time and costs.
  • GlobalScrap® for comparative analyses GlobalScrap®, which provides collection of heterogeneous data in various systems, serves web-based interface
    for boosting analysis efficient via comparing genome sequences with continuous analysis steps.
Comparative Genomics Pipeline Structure


Comparative Genomics Popeline

Genome-level comparison
Gene-based comparison
Gene-family Based comparison
Phylogenomic analyses


GlobalScrap® for customized
comparative analyses

Web-based presentation
(e.g. Genome Database)

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