Genome Assembly and Gene Prediction Pipelines (GAGPP) is an
automated pipeline for assembling genomes and for predicting genes.
(20 times efficient compared with previous systems)
Genome Assembly and Gene Prediction Pipeline
  • Automated pipeline for de novo
    genome assembly

    It provides optimized genome assembly results by comparing
    assemblies from several programs with different conditions

  • Automated pipeline for reference
    genome assembly

    It provides assembly results by aligning against
    reference genomes fastly.

  • Gap Closing

    Gap closing process will improve genome
    assembly results.

  • Automated pipeline for
    gene prediction

    It provides reasonable gene model by running diverse
    gene prediction programs.

System structure of GAGPP

Genome Assembly Pipeline

Multple Genome Assembly Process

Gap Closing Process

Gene Prediction Pipeline

Multple Gene Prediction Process

Integration of Gene Predictions

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