Genome Information System (GeIS)

GeIS is the optimized system containing the six main pipelines for analyzing genome sequences.

GenomeArchive® is a standardized and integrated system
for collecting and maintaining genome data stored
in scattered places with different format.


Genome Assembly and Gene Prediction Pipelines (GAGPP)
is an automated pipeline for assembling genomes and for
predicting genes. (20 times efficient compared with previous


Genome Annotation Pipelines (GAP) is a parallelized pipeline
for predicting gene functions (7 times efficient compared
with previous systems)


Simple Sequence Repeat Database (SSRDB) is a database
equipped with pipelines for identifying and analyzing simple
sequence repeats from multiple genome sequences.

Gene Family Database

Gene Family Database is an integrated pipeline for identifying
gene families (20 times efficient with previous systems)


Comparative Genomic Pipelines (CGP) is providing
integrated environment of various analysis pipelines
for comparative genomic analysis

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