Our Technologies

Conducting an integrated and systematic
scientific analyses of Bio BigData via collecting
scattered heterogeneous Bio BigData and
adopting a data model for Bio BigData with
novel AI technologies.


AI-based pipelines of Infoboss for industrializing
plant resources secure various intellectual
properties and conduct own research and
collaboration for license out and royalty share:
Infoboss Business Model (BM)

Standardized taxonomic species DB
Oriental medicine, traditional knowledge effectiveness data
Disease list in modern medical science
Korean pharmacopoeia
Papers / patents

Relational database

1. Collection of plant resources
2. TGS/NGS Sequencing
3. Genome assembly
4. Gene prediciton
5. Genome annotation

Prediction of secondary
metabolites (>400)

Identification and quantification of
2nd metabolites (HPLC)

1. In vitro/in vivo experiments
2. Establishment of mass production
3. Efficient strategies for products
4. Preparation of intellectual properties

1. Prediction of mode of actions
of 2nd metabolites
2. Check availability of plant resources
3. In vivo experiments

Preparation of IP

1. Optimial combination
2. Product optimization
3. List of candidate compounds

Discovery of useful
plant resources

Evaluation of
economic valuesMetaEve-AI™