The complete mitochondrial genome of new species candidate of Rosa rugosa (Rosaceae)

Mitochondrial DNA Part B, Resources 5 (3): 3453-3455

Jongsun Park*, Hong Xi, Yongsung Kim, Suhwan Nam, Kyeong-In Heo
Genbank accessions BK013300  ( Rosa rugosa )  |  MN909970  ( Rosa angusta )  | 
Completed mitochondrial genome of a new species candidate of Rosa rugosa, named as Rosa angusta, is 303,484 bp long. The overall GC content of this mitochondrial genome is 45.2\%. It contains 52 genes covering 31 protein-coding genes, 17 tRNAs, and 3 rRNAs. In comparison to R. rugosa mitochondrial genome assembled from the public NGS raw reads, 124 SNPs and 769 INDELs were identified. Phylogenetic trees suggest that more Rosa mitochondrial genomes will be needed to understand phylogenetic relationship of the two Rosa species.