Genome-wide comparative analyses of GATA transcription factors among seven Populus genomes

Scientific Reports 11 : 16578

Mangi Kim, Hong Xi, Suhyeon Park, Yunho Yun & Jongsun Park*
GATA transcription factors (TFs) are widespread eukaryotic regulators whose DNA-binding domain is a class IV zinc finger motif (CX2CX17-20CX2C) followed by a basic region. We identified 262 GATA genes (389 GATA TFs) from seven Populus genomes using the pipeline of GATA-TFDB. Alternative splicing forms of Populus GATA genes exhibit dynamics of GATA gene structures including partial or full loss of GATA domain and additional domains. Subfamily III of Populus GATA genes display lack CCT and/or TIFY domains. 21 Populus GATA gene clusters (PCs) were defined in the phylogenetic tree of GATA domains, suggesting the possibility of subfunctionalization and neofunctionalization. Expression analysis of Populus GATA genes identified the five PCs displaying tissue-specific expression, providing the clues of their biological functions. Amino acid patterns of Populus GATA motifs display well conserved manner of Populus GATA genes. The five Populus GATA genes were predicted as membrane-bound GATA TFs. Biased chromosomal distributions of GATA genes of three Populus species. Our comparative analysis approaches of the Populus GATA genes will be a cornerstone to understand various plant TF characteristics including evolutionary insights.